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Love That Matters Press Release

It’s Love That Matters 

Local Songwriters Unite For Fire Relief


Local Blue Mountains singer/songwriter Phil Davidson watched as flames leapt over the treetops across the gully from his home in Blaxland, helpless as large plumes of black smoke rose in the devastating firestorm last month in Winmalee in the Blue Mountains.

“I knew this was no ordinary summer bushfire as I watched the smoke turn from grey to black. I had a terrible feeling in my stomach that the black smoke signified the loss of someone’s home. The next day I awoke to the terrible news that almost 200 homes were destroyed and many others damaged. Many of the occupants I knew from teaching and living in the area.”

This helplessness, led to Phil beginning the process of writing what was to become a song of hope and charity in what was an otherwise devastating time.

“I couldn’t do much else at the time other than try and write something that might help heal the situation for some affected by the fires but also to help garner financial support as they tried to rebuild their lives.”

Sensing the need for a more collaborative effort. Phil contacted his friend and ex student, local singer/songwriter Jake Nauta, to help on the project. Jake contributed to the songs writing and development and helped Phil by adding his vocals to the track. Jake is also an accomplished producer in his own right and was able to help steer the production of the process.

The resulting collaborative song ‘Love That Matters.’ picks up on one of the recurring themes Phil observed, as residents started to unravel the scale of their loss.

“As I listened to the local radio broadcasts on 702 ABC from the fire scene, I was struck by the depth of love and compassion in this community here in the lower mountains, as people threw themselves into helping out. I was also struck by the recurring theme, that despite the loss our possessions, the fire helped many to refocus on what’s really important, the things that really matter in life.”

Phil and Jake also pulled in the creative skills of guitarist Randall Waller (Shania Twain), Pete Wallis (Hillsong), singer Liesel Solomon, renowned mastering engineer Don Bartley, Paul Carter, drummer Grant Koneman and guitarist Mark Shelley to help create something special.

“It’s been an amazing process and everyone we’ve spoken to has wholeheartedly offered whatever level of support we’ve needed.”

To make matters even more exciting, ABC Music and ABC local radio have agreed to help Phil and Jake by offering to help look after the fundraising and promote the song through their national radio network.

“Richard Glover from the 702 Drive Show and the staff at ABC Music have always been great supporters of my music and their willingness to push the recording has been invaluable and a real blessing.”

Phil, Jake and Liesel Solomon recently performed the song live on 702 ABC, from the fire scene in Winmalee generating a huge amount of interest.

“Richard loved the song so much, we were booked to the following day to broadcast again on the 702 Drive Show’s TGIF broadcast at the end of November (29th).”

The song ‘Love That Matters’ by Phil Davidson and Jake Nauta will be available thru iTunes and other preferred digital outlets, with the proceeds from the sale of the song going directly to charities working in fire affected areas.

Jake Nauta (left), Phil Davidson (Centre) and Liesel Solomon (Right) sing for the Firies and 702 ABC listeners in Emma Pde, Winmalee.


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Phil Davidson

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Phil migrated to Australia at the age of 10. He still feels strongly attached to his Irish roots and has returned to Ireland as an adult, even living there for a while. Two of the tracks on his new album — "Belfast Boy" and "Ballymena Agnes" (written for his grandmother) — were inspired by Ireland. Phil — who now lives in the Blue Mountains of NSW, west of Sydney — clearly adores his family, wife Judy and children Brianna (19), Georgia (16) and Jesse (14), and finds endless inspiration in them — even if they're not always keen to appear in his songs. The poignant "Georgia's Smile" and the equally delightful "I'll Come Running" from Edge of It All were written about his two daughters. He built a career in music, performing in bands and as a solo artist, in clubs, pubs and wherever he could. He's done everything from biker shows and parties to strip shows, and even managed to generate a residency at an Irish pub on the basis of three Van Morrison songs (played all night) and a newly created band name — appropriately enough, Down Pat. He's toured both nationally and internationally, playing in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA. Prior to his ABC Music deal, Phil released four independent albums, and is already writing songs for his next release. Recognised as one of the brightest songwriters on the Sydney scene, his work is sure to be in demand once it's discovered by a wider audience. And now Edge of It All has hit the airwaves, the previously well-kept secret of Phil Davidson's talent will be revealed to legions of new fans. The man who's created a collection of exquisite songs inspired by his love for his family will see them touch people he's never met — thanks to the power of music. Edge Of It All -- Phil Davidson Available from ABC Music / Universal Music Phil Davidson is available for interview 

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