Blue Mountain's Singer/Songwriter

House Concert Enquiry

Are you tired of having to queue for concerts and spending fortunes to see your favourite acts? 
Are you tired of driving long distances to shows, paying for parking, late nights, crowds and having to organise child care?

Have you ever thought of running a house concert?
House concerts are becoming the next big thing in the world of live performing. 
They are a great easy and cost effective (no cost to the host) way to hear and engage with your favourite artists. 
Hear first hand the stories and inspiration for the songs performed and chat afterwards with the artists themselves over a coffee or a glass of wine. 
This summer, Phil is taking his new album 'Home' on a House Concert tour. 
You will get to hear the new songs, pick up a signed CD and get to chat with Phil in the comfort of your own lounge room.

What's required?
You just provide the space and the audience (min 15 music lovers). 
Invited friends bring some snacks or a plate and a drink and contribute a $20 donation to help fund the musician. 
All proceeds and merch sales go to the musician. 
Seating for the required number of people needs to be provided. 
Concerts can be held outside, say on a deck or garden weather permitting, but adequate cover will need to be provided against the elements.
Phil will need an area of approx 2 metres square to perform. This includes the PA and microphone stand etc. 
Access to a power point is essential.

How does it run?
The event will run for 2 hours approximately and can be afternoon or evening. 
Performance, including the meet and greet, will take 2 hours. 
Phil will play 2 sets (approx 45mins each) with a short meet and greet in between and afterwards. Phil will, where possible, bring a small PA (mic and speaker) to enhance the sound.

That's basically it. 

If you are interested in making an enquiry for a house concert or would like more information please just fill in the form below and we will get back to you with whatever you require.